Third generation PVDF ACP ceiling ceiling almost fixed. The flawless roller coating plate is made of aluminum alloy sheet, as well as the substrate quality, raw degreasing and chemical treatment on the aluminum surface, roller coating with PVDF-coated PVDF imported dry-cured coating. Most of the PVDF ACP are colored, have high strength and excellent elasticity of the film and good corrosion resistance and weather resistance. This can withstand strong winds strong pressure deformation, can be cut, cut, punched, cut, drilled, bending and compression molding, you can exchange several similar imported products completely. Therefore, it is widely used in construction, industrial plants, office buildings, shopping centers, stations, metro, airport construction, modern large hangars, large gym, large club and more. With the development of times, home decor has also entered the mainstream of decoration industry.


Founded in 1993, Foshan Beiliming Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in PVDF ACP construction material. Main products include standard aluminum ceiling, artistic ceiling aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum panels and metal curtain walls. After a steady increase over the last 20 years, Beiliming Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. has become a large-scale modern enterprise integrating design, manufacture, assembly and service.