The fourth (or third) heat treatment step of PVDF coated aluminum composite panel which are contained in the cured metal. This can happen through natural or artificial means. When this step is completed at room temperature, when aluminum has passed through natural aging, but when it has been carried out at an elevated temperature, it is known that artificial aging.


Once the heat treatment is complete, the PVDF coated aluminum composite panel is ready to be sent to the various production sites where it is used to create a large number of products that we use today. In some cases, only the first stage of the process (annealing) in the processing plant will be completed before the aluminum is sent to the manufacturer, to complete the final steps.

 JY-6009 Golden

The printed circuit board is now more popular with growing demand for small electronic packaging devices and improved features. Manufacturing of most electronic applications is now focused on producing high quality printed circuit boards. PVDF coated aluminum composite panel has over the years, the most popular choice for electronic items. It has become more popular than the conventional polyimide materials. The reason for this is that this metal has a wide range of properties, making it the preferred choice, which have been discussed here.


Characteristics of the line


For the manufacture of a printed circuit board, it is important to obtain a base that is very conductive to heat and electricity. PVDF coated aluminum composite panel here and serves the best basis for the production of metal-core printed circuit boards that support heat dissipation without additional heat sink. This feature also helps to reduce the heat load of the parts, which contributes to longer life and durability. In this way, manufacturers are able to reduce the overall temperature of the components during operation and to improve the reliability of the card. The thermal conduction properties of aluminum led to a variety of parts. The layout of effective chases also the PCB dimensions are reduced.