The time has come to put the fence. Place the posts in their place and put a decorative aluminum fence section in between. This will ensure correct measurements for space between spaced poles, as well as sections of fences.


Use the quick drying concrete aid to the following process. Each post will take patience and time to install. Fill the hole with susharnym quick-setting concrete until it reaches about 4 inches below ground level. This allows you to plunge the dirt into the foot area, mixing it with another lawn. The level required to ensure that each station is aligned and properly suspended.


As you go along, you want to check previous messages to make sure that you stay at the level and not vypravdovuyetesya. You must straighten the grids to ensure alignment of the aluminum fence sections during installation. If you check constantly, the concrete is fully adjusted for ease of adjustment.





The final steps include inserting each section aluminum fence panels between the poles when the concrete is completely dried. You need appliances equipped like sections of fences. Once completed, it's time to set a goal, and you have finished an aluminum fence.