Today, different ceilings are currently used at airports, railway stations, office buildings, shopping centers, metro stations and residential areas. Now there is mineral fiberboard, PVC board, JIYU Customized Solid Aluminum sheets and soft ceiling ceiling. Ceiling development: the first generation of gypsum products and ceiling plate mineral wool board; Second generation PVC; Third generation products are metal ceiling.

Classification aluminum suspended ceiling


Depending on the different designs and shapes, the aluminum ceiling mesh can be divided into several types: veneer ceiling JIYU Customized Solid Aluminum sheets honeycomb ceiling, joint aluminum side panels, suspended ceiling one-piece ospine type C ceiling count, Countdown ceiling, aluminum ceiling, aluminum tube ceiling bar, aluminum square tubular ceiling, perforated metal ceiling. Now the gypsum board, the mineral wool board has consistently improved as well, now with waterproof gypsum board and mineral wool acoustic board.

But they are the only plate, it is difficult to scrub, assembly frame kiln, so they are most commonly used for projects. The oxidation resistance of PVC products is low, moisture-free, non-fire resistant, easy to shape and discolour, so it is mainly used for old-fashioned common home decor. By improving the decor requirements of the quality, the home decor is basically adopted JIYU Customized Solid Aluminum sheets.